Episode 1 – Hi, hello, hoaxes

cropped-stslogo-final.jpgToday Ben and Pascual introduce themselves and the podcast, as well as talk about hoaxes in the spirit of April Fool’s!

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One thought on “Episode 1 – Hi, hello, hoaxes

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  1. Hey Ben – I’m interested in your almost bus accident in Africa story. Thinking back, after you processed the event right at the time – did you get nauseated or a headache (and maybe attributed that to the near death experience)? Do you get migraines ever? I’m a retired neurologist, and I have occasional classic migraines. What COULD have happened is you had a hemi-anopsia or hemi-neglect as part of a migraine aura – and so did not see the bus because there was no visual processing of the information. Just a thought.


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