A quick hello from Pascual

Hey friends;
Pascual here.
You may have noticed that we’ve been delayed over a week in getting the podcast to you.
For that I sincerely apologize. I’m working on getting this week’s episode out as I type this.
Full transparency: My life has been a little more than hectic as of late. With trying to maintain a balance with family life, work life, podcasting, and my mental health (that I will probably address on the podcast sometime), editing and releasing the podcast has become a significant challenge for me.
But fear not!
We have plans in motion to get some episodes edited by a sound engineer friend of mine and we’ll be trying to lighten the workload as much as possible. In a perfect world, I’d do the engineering, recording, researching and hosting that I normally do, but I’d hand off all post-production work full time.
To reach this goal, we’ll definitely need the help of our Patrons to reach a break-even financial situation where we can sustain the show indefinitely. We have some new Patreon goals and we will be adding some new ways to contribute to the show (Paypal/Gofundme). If we can reach this first goal of hiring a full-time editor, I believe we can really up our content and bring you an even better show with better bonus perks.
In the meantime, if you haven’t seen our Patreon page, check out the link below and see all the perks you get for subscribing!
Thanks everyone for sticking with me through this, and a special thank you to Ben and Celestia for having my back always.
– Pascual

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