Episode 1 – Hi, Hello, Hoaxes!

Today Ben and Pascual introduce themselves and the podcast, as well as talk about hoaxes in the spirit of April Fool’s!

Episode 2 – What Are We Skeptical About?

In this episode, we explore the current events we are skeptical about as well as read some of Ben’s fanmail!

Episode 3 – Psychics

This week, Ben and Pascual dig into psychics and some situations where they cross paths with the law.

Episode 4 – The White Witch of Rose Hall

This week, Pascual responds to a listener email, and Ben tells the tale of his research on the White Witch of Rose Hall, a very famous Jamaican ghost!
This is part 1 of a 2-part series on Jamaican folklore.

Episode 5 – The Rolling Calf

This week, Ben and Pascual continue a two-part series on Jamaican folklore with a tale of Ben’s investigation of “duppies” and the most fearsome duppy of all, the Rolling Calf!
Also in this episode, a critical analysis of a couple of current news items and a BONUS for Patreon supporters (while supplies last)!

Episode 6 – Roswell that Ends Well

This week, Ben and Pascual talk about the history of the infamous Roswell UFO crash of 1947. Ben is skeptical about an online “scare” while Pascual breaks down tattoos and audio science.

Download the episode here

Episode 7 – Stop, Corroborate and Listen

This week, Ben and Pascual discuss corroboration bias, Boko Haram, and more audio technology!

Download the epsiode here

Episode 8 – Popobawa-da-vida

This week, Ben and Pascual explore the mystery of the “Popobawa”, AKA the skeptic-raping demon of Zanzibar. But first, they throw some shade at Alex Jones and try to make sense of a rather serious claim regarding the Manchester attack. Also in this episode, a new segment by our very own producer Celestia Ward titled “Skeptic Fortune Cookie”. You don’t want to miss it!

Download the episode here

Episode 9 – Until the Light Takes Us

This week, Ben and Pascual talk about the black metal documentary “Until the Light Takes Us” and the events surrounding that dark story. Also, Ben discusses a strong reaction to rumors on the internet, and Pascual sheds some light on a burning question Ben has about heavy metal bands. Celestia also pops by with another skeptical fortune cookie.

Download the episode here

Episode 10 – Of Emperors and Clothes

This week, Ben and Pascual explore the nuance of the Hans Christian Andersen classic fairy tale “The Emperors New Clothes”. You may think you remember this story, but there are some oft-overlooked twists!
Also in this episode, the boys read a piece of fan mail and Celestia cracks into another fortune cookie!

Download the episode here

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