A few notes and credits before the next episode

Pascual here;

I just wanted to drop in to thank you all for supporting us and giving us a surprisingly strong opening week for a new podcast! I’ve got the new episode on the burner as we speak and it will drop in just a little over two hours. While I’m prepping the episode (preppisode?), I thought it would be nice to do list some credits pertaining to the podcast.

Our theme song was composed by Shriekback, a band Ben and I both love (particularly because of my fondness for the 80s). Be sure to check out their music!

Segment transition songs were composed and arranged by myself as well as the way more catchy stuff by Memoryy, the same artist who brought you the theme music for Chelsea Handler’s show “Chelsea”. We thank him for his awesome and generous contribution! You’ll hear clips of two of his songs in episode two, and many more to come.

Our website banner and profile art was done by the amazing RTM, whom I’ve been good friends with for many years and am always blown away at the level of work he cranks out. Be sure to check him out if you need graphic/layout work done!

Last but not least, we would like to thank our content producer Celestia N. Ward for not only helping us create content and keep our feet out of our mouths on a weekly basis, but also for our podcast’s logo! Be sure to check out her website, www.2headsstudios.com and give her lots of money.

So for now, I bid you adieu. I’ll see ya in a couple hours on EPISODE 2, “What Are We Skeptical Of?”

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